Phase 1-High School: My name is Pat LaBelle, super-fan at Canton High School and my goal is to give up-to-date coverage on not only Canton’s high school teams but also the all-important student section. In my sport, I have aspirations to help bring the football team a Davenport title, but off the field I want to create a second to none student section at CHS. It’s not easy to get to every game but at the end of the day its all about a rockin’ “stoody”. I yell, I get emotional, but I never forget the golden rule of attending games;”No Names, No Numbers” (well… for the most part).

Phase 2-College: Writing for CHS was fantastic but as the saying goes “all great things {besides No Names No Numbers} must come to an end”. That is why I’ll be taking my talents to Amherst where the blog will call home for the next four years.

But Pat is NNNN still going to be the “greatest blog in the history of blogs”?

In short: yes.

Readers can expect up-to-date coverage on all things UMass athletics, more video than ever before, and possibly even some PG-13 writing instead of PG.

I’m very excited for this next chapter and I hope anyone who takes time out of their day to read is too. NNNN.

Phase 3-Life:

Occasionally Funny. Always Real.